Due to how little people play rune1 currently, there are many great money makers that would otherwise be worthless on OSRS or RS3. 

  • Mining Rune Essence is very profitable on rune1 due to the demand for Runecrafting. Each Essence can go for 200 to 400 gp each.
  • Woodcutting/Fletching: Using these skills in conjunction to make money is great for starting players. Cutting logs and then fletching into bows for other players to buy is in demand for alchers to bring more money into the game.
  • Dragon Bones/Hides: Killing Dragons is in demand for crafters to make Ranged gear and people training prayer. Each Bone will go for 2,500 gp to 3,000 gp and hides varry in prices. Great money maker for new players, as you can safespot most dragons.
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