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Quests are groups of interrelated tasks, usually involving a story line, that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or even a few days to complete.

The starting locations for all quest are labelled with a blue compass icon Quest icon.png on the minimap, and completing them can provide rewards ranging from experience and items, to access to new areas, minigames and miniquests.

As of July 1st, 2018, there are a total of 5 quests in Rune1 with. A total of 6 Quest points are rewarded for the completion of all quests currently released.

The Quest journal on the interface has the complete list of quests and are colour coded:

  • Dark Red - Not yet released

    A player completing the Dragon Slayer quest.

  • Red - Not started
  • Yellow - Started
  • Green - Completed

Skill Requirements

Levels required
for every available quest
Skill icon attack1.gif
Skill icon hitpoints1.gif
Skill icon mining1.gif
Skill icon strength1.gif
Skill icon agility1.gif
Skill icon smithing1.gif
Skill icon defence1.gif
Skill icon herblore1.gif
Skill icon fishing1.gif
Skill icon ranged1.gif
Skill icon thieving1.gif
Skill icon cooking1.gif
Skill icon prayer1.gif
Skill icon crafting1.gif
Skill icon firemaking1.gif
Skill icon magic1.gif
Skill icon fletching1.gif
Skill icon woodcutting1.gif
Skill icon runecraft1.gif
Stats icon.png
Total Level: 500
Temporary boosts
may be used in some quests

All Quests

The quests requiring the highest skill levels are:

List of quests

Available Quests

(as of July 1st, 2018)

Unavailable Quests

(as of July 1st, 2018)

Cook's Assistant Black Knight's Fortress Hero's Quest
Imp Catcher Demon Slayer Holy Grail
Dragon Slayer Doric's Quest Horror from the Deep
Waterfall Quest Ernest the Chicken In Search of the Myreque
Lost City Goblin Diplomacy Jungle Potion
The Knight's Sword Legend's Quest
Pirate's Treasure Merlin's Crystal
Prince Ali Rescue Monk's Friend
The Restless Ghost Monkey Madness
Romeo & Juliet Murder Mystery
Rune Mysteries Quest Nature Spirit
Sheep Shearer Observatory Quest
Shield of Arrav Plague City
Vampire Slayer Priest in Peril
Witch's Potion Regicide
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Scorpion Catcher
Biohazard Sea Slug Quest
Clock Tower Shades of Mort'ton
Death Plateau Sheep Herder
Digsite Quest Shilo Village
Druidic Ritual Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Dwarf Cannon Temple of Ikov
Eadgar's Ruse The Tourist Trap
Elemental Workshop Throne of Miscellania
Family Crest Tree Gnome Village
Fight Arena Tribal Totem
Fishing Contest Troll Romance
The Fremennik Trials Troll Stronghold
Gertrude's Cat Underground Pass
The Grand Tree Watch Tower
Haunted Mine Witches House
Hazeel Cult
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