Woodcutting is a gathering skill that primarily involves chopping trees to obtain logs used in the Fletching and Firemaking skills. Players with a higher Woodcutting level can chop down new types of trees and cut down trees quicker. As levels increase, players can use better axes to chop trees faster. Players with a high enough Attack level can equip the axes that match the respective metals, but having an axe equipped is not necessary in order to chop a tree; having it in the player's inventory also works.

Woodcutting is a useful skill for a low-leveled player to make money early in the game.

Players have a 1 in 8 chance of depleting most trees that can give more than one log.

Types of trees

Choppable logs
Tree Level Experience Log Tree Notes


1 25
The most common tree on RuneScape, these trees are how players start off training Woodcutting. Both evergreen and dead trees (both small and big) also yield logs. Each tree only yields one log, after which they are cut down and respawn in a short time. Normal logs are also used to start off Firemaking.
Achey 1 25
Achey Tree.png
These trees are used for the members-only quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting, to make Ogre bows and arrows. Like normal trees, Achey trees only yield one log
Oak 15 37.5
Oak tree.png
These trees are fairly easy to find around wooded areas. Unlike normal trees, Oak trees can yield multiple logs, and are used for training once the player has the ability to cut them.
Willow 30 67.5
These trees are found near water. Players can find them in and around Port Sarim, Draynor Village, Seers' Village, and Champions' Guild. A usually unoccupied area is also at the lake west of Farmer Fred's hut.
Maple 45


Maple trees are special trees which can be found only in northern Kandarin and the Fremennik Province. Maple logs are used for Firemaking.
Hollow 45 82.5
Hollow tree.png
These are found in the Haunted Woods, and yield bark, which is used to create Splitbark equipment.
Yew 60 175
Yew tree.png
The highest leveled tree for free players to cut, yew trees are quite uncommon throughout RuneScape. Their logs are primarily used for Firemaking.
Magic 75 250
Magic tree.png
These trees are members-only. Cutting these trees takes time as they give logs at a very slow rate. You can find these trees at the Mage Training Arena, Sorcerer's Tower, and southwest of Camelot. There are also a few just west of the south ladder to the bank in the Gnome Stronghold.

Axe types

Axe Picture Woodcutting level Attack level Smithing level to make Notes
Bronze axe.png
1 1 1
  • Found in a tree stump at the Lumbridge chicken farm
  • Bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes
  • Dropped by the tree spirit
Iron axe.png
1 1 16
  • Spawns in the Varrock Sewers
  • Bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes
  • Dropped by the tree spirit
Steel axe.png
6 5 31
  • Bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes
  • Dropped by the tree spirit
Black axe.png
11 10 N/A
  • A reward from doing a level 1 Clue scroll
  • Dropped by black demons, black dragons, and the tree spirit
Mithril axe.png
21 20 51
  • Dropped by all colored dragons, bronze dragons, and the tree spirit
Adamant axe.png
31 30 71
  • A reward from doing a level 2 Clue scroll
  • Dropped by iron dragons, and the tree spirit
Rune axe.png
41 40 86
  • A reward from doing a level 3 Clue scroll
  • Dropped by steel dragons, iron dragons, and the tree spirit
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